ArtisIn Consulting

Art defines your space. Small, or large, and at all price levels Art brings life to any room. Whether you collect art for its evocative qualities, as a means of personal expression, as an investment, or as a mere object of beauty, Art adds value.

ArtisIn Consulting works with residential and corporate clients to develop personalized art collections that speak to you and fit your needs. From seeking out the perfect piece for a single wall to building an extensive collection for your home or office, ArtisIn helps make buying art fun, easy and educational.

Corporate Art Services

An office should represent your corporate culture and the quality of services you provide. The appearance of your office is its first impression. As with any consumer product, aesthetics does play a role in one's buying decisions. The same psychology holds true in choosing a service provider. The design of your office space, the look and feel of the furniture and the right piece of Art in the right place, will give your office an edge by leaving a lasting impression on your clients and co workers. Through the images themselves, Art will help describe who you are, what you do and your corporate values.

The beauty of Art is subjective. With so many opinions it can be challenging for companies to decide on what art to purchase. ArtisIn Consulting offers specialized art expertise, going beyond just design; guiding the process along effectively, efficiently and professionally. We will work with you to develop portfolio options that will enhance your space and your investment portfolio all within personalized budgets.


Services Include:



Onsite meeting and Consultation

Portfolio Development

Art Transport

Personalized services as required