Debora Sloan

Artist Statement 2012


Upon being assigned a Grade 12 art project in the style of Abstract Expressionism, I was compelled to experiment with paint - particularly colour and texture. I pursued a degree in Art History and Sociology from Queen’s University and have continued to paint ever since. I have always considered the Expressionists and the French Automatistes to be my main artistic influences. At the moment, some of my favourite artists are contemporary abstract painters coming mostly from Quebec.

Though mostly self-taught, over the past twelve years I have been placing my work and doing commissions for private and corporate collections in Toronto, selected to exhibit in juried art expos and have been represented by galleries across Ontario and Quebec.

The art I produce is influenced by my personality, by my experiences and by spaces. My style reveals my intensity and my spontaneity. Part of my objective as an artist is to create beautiful, interesting objects – works that are accessible and aesthetically pleasing; works that bring life, drama and balance to an empty space. Principally I achieve this through the use of colour, texture, movement and composition – hopefully engaging the viewer with these elements as they engage me.

My most recent series returns to the pure abstract using bolder colours and compositions. I am enjoying experimenting with mixed media, including oil paint, gels, pastels and charcoal, and am inspired by my most recent studies in the sciences as well as my travels. Textural elements from nature, such as exposed brick walls, old, withered doors, or moss growing on rock, often serve as visual cues for my canvases. Recently, many of my most successful pieces are those that I re-create by recycling my own old and used canvases. I allow elements I like to show through, while building on the existing texture to create something more reflective of my most current style.

I paint because of a natural satisfaction and fascination with the hands-on creative process. I often begin without a specific thought in mind, nor necessarily a preconceived concept of the result. I let the paint and the brush lead my hand, with colour and composition at the forefront. I continue until the final product satisfies me. My hope is that within the abstraction the viewer is inspired by their own creativity, imagining and evoking those images and emotions that they themselves see and feel within each piece.


Art Exhibitions

2013 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto ON
2011-13 - Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto ON

2010 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto ON
2009 – Toronto Art Expo, Toronto ON
2009 – Big Works, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto ON
2005 – Works by Debora Sloan, Common Ground Cafe, Kingston ON
2004 – Art in the Garden, Private Exposé, Toronto ON


Galleries and Private Collections

Ongoing private commissions
Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP Barristers and Solicitors, Toronto ON
Current - PI Fine Art, Toronto ON
2009 -2010 - Framed by Izzy, Toronto ON
2009 -2011 - Terence Roberts Gallery, Ottawa ON
2009 -2011 - Viva Vida Gallery, Pointe Claire, QC